Théâtre d’illusia

The Ocean King

A performance of water and hand puppets telling of the legend of Gengis Khan

The Ocean King is a possible translation for the name Genghis Khan, Mongolian Emperor (1162 – 1227). Legend has it that the blue wolf and the wild doe are the ancestors of the Mongolian people. Born of nomadic descent, Genghis Khan was named

Témudjin. Upon his father’s death, he finds himself sole leader of his clan. After marrying Borte, his people are attacked by the neighbouring tribe, the Merkits, who steal away his wife. He fights and wins her back

and gains many followers among the Mongolian people. A shaman, Qorchi-the-ancient, has a premonition: Temudjin will become the King of the Steppe Lands, the King of Kings. His vision comes true when Temudjin, aged 44, becomes Gengis Kahn.

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