Théâtre d’illusia
Tonight around the well- the enigmas of the queen of Sheba

Tonight around the well- the enigmas of the queen of Sheba

"Tonight around the well – the Enigmas of the Queen of Sheba"


Pupperty, animated-books and actresses from 8 years old upwards Written and directed by Marja Nykänen
Adapted from the children’s play “The enigmas of the Queen of Sheba” by Mohamed Kacimi

Production calendar: residency at Chateau de la Roche Guyon from the 13th to the 26th of October and at the Centre Culturel DAVIEL from the 27 of October to the 2nd of November

Residency for 2009:

Chateau de la Roche Guyon from the 3rd to the 20th of February

AFM El Jadida (Marocco) from the 17th to the 30 of march and tour (El Jadida, Rabbat, Fès, Oujda, Safi, Mekhnès) from the 1st to the 17th of April

Residency from 2nd to 13th september in Theatre du Fon du Loup (Carves - Dordogne)

on tour 2009 :

13th september : Théâtre du Fon du loup - Carves

16th september : Chapelle Saint Louis - Rouen

19 & 20 th september : Worl Puppet Festival in Charleville

23rd september : Forges les Eaux

27th 28th september : Château de la Roche Guyon

30, 1rst & 2nd october : Festival International des Francophonie en Limousin- Limoges


2010 : 3th july : Val de Reuil (27)

10 th july : Rulges (27)

15th july : Villemur / Tarn

3,4,5 september : Helsinki Festival

11 september : Malmitalo (Helsinki)

16 november : LaRiche (37)

17-21 january : Limoges (87)


Portfolio available by contacting:

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