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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

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Title : "The Ocean King" (Roi-Ocan)
Water puppets
Duration: 50 mn
Recommended age : over 8 &All the family
The Company:
  Marja Nykanen : Creator/Director,
  Sanna Salmenkallio,: Sound designer
  Jean-Luc Galin: Light designer)
  Jean-Christophe Canivet, Marek Douchet : puppeteers
  Thierry Lachkar : actor
  Wang Ta Mu, Kim, Eun Young Pernelle,Estelle Baggs & Illusia : puppet makers
  Kalle Sinkonen : Sound editor
  Nicolas Saraiva : stage design and light technician

Stage requirements:
  8 metres deep by 6.5 ’wide by 3.5’ high
  Pool height: 0.5 meter
  The stage must bear over 500 kg/m (our pool holds 4900 litres of water)
  The stage must have easy access to a water source (less than 25 metres distance) - drain and fill facilities. The company brings its own pumps and pipes.
  Blacks all around stage, to have total blackout on stage (no day light visible)

Auditorium requirements:
  Under 100 seats (adults + children can’t be over 100)
  Seating should be front-on/facing the stage, first rank under 7 metres wide and minimum about 40 cm above the water level (wooden platforms etc.). It is important to make sure that audience is able to see (cannot be seated on the floor), because the water level is 50 cm high.

Load-In requirements (Set up):
  8 hours prior to the first performance (4 hours to strike - set off-)
  1 light technician for building up
  2 people to help carrying out our scenery from the truck

Sound & Lighting:
 The company is self-sufficient

Price: 2200,00 for 2 performances (same day), + taxes + travel cost + fee and accommodation for
5 persons. If more performances are required, please contact us to discuss prices

Lighting and sound equipment list (brought, when possible, by Theatre d’Illusia)
Sound: Fender passport 250 (console amp+ speakers)
Front End:
24 x 2kw digital dimmer (data remote control)
Leprecon LP 624 digital console
9  par 64 12 v (very low tension) 20/50w
20  par 36 - 12 v(very low tension) 30w
5  quartz - 220/230v - 500w
1  torch 12v (very low tension) 100w -
34  car lamps 6 v (very low tension) 0,1ma
21  car lamps12 v (9v batteries) 2w
4  mobiltech feet (for screen & lighting)
5  2 meters triangle (diam. 16mm) mobiltech scale for screen and lighting)
Curtains and other:
  Blacks for front stage
  Polyam (black plastic over 8x8 meter for stage protection

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